In the middle of the Irish Sea, situated between the coastlines of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, you'll find a hidden gem. A small English-speaking country, home to the world-famous TT Races, the Isle of Man can offer you a fantastic quality of life, with higher salaries, shorter commutes, and breath-taking scenery.

Tax & Economy

The Isle of Man is a thriving, low-tax economy which has enjoyed over thirty consecutive years of economic growth. There is no capital gains tax, wealth tax, stamp duty or inheritance tax; and the top rate of income tax is just 20%. You can find out more about income tax on the island here. With an unemployment rate below 1%, a population of just 85,000 and a growing finance and eGaming sector, the Isle of Man can offer superb career opportunities.

Healthcare & Education

Healthcare and education are universal, high-quality and free at the point of delivery. The schools are particularly impressive, consistently performing very well compared to international standards, and the qualifications offered are the same as those in the UK. You can find out more about education on the island here.

Work Permits

If you come to the island to work then you will need a work permit. Obtaining a work permit is a simple process and your employer is responsible for the bulk of the paperwork, so once you’ve landed your dream job you can sit back and relax. Spouses, civil partners, and cohabiting partners are granted automatic work permits for a year at a time, and if you have any children they'll be entitled to free and immediate enrolment to the island’s school system. You can find out more about work permits here.

Want more information about relocating to the Isle of Man? is an excellent resource where you'll find an in-depth insight into life on the island.

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